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Tonton House is a character studio located in Seoul, Korea. Since 2017, we’ve brought many characters including Tobi, Winnie, Yuta, Bella, and Nari. Our goal is to create characters that we want to put it in a time capsule and take out for a long time.


In the spring of 2017, Tonton House was born.
We just knew we wanted to keep making cute characters.
To do so, we would create a new kind of character company.

Small and independent organization

We’re a small organization. Often times when teams become bigger, unnecessary processes, passive attitude, and the work just isn’t fun anymore. So we’re keeping a small team and trying to create our characters with happy. (Tonton House are three people who work across a variety of media including comics, illustrations, animations.)

Focus on what we do well.

We are best at drawing characters and we love making stories.
If there’s something we’re not good at, we find a great partner and working together. We look for a partner carefully, we value the relationship we once made and go on. Instead of trying to be the best in every field, We would like to focus on what we’re good at.

Characters that people will love for years

There are a lot of characters and it disappears very quickly, but we want to make characters that are around us for a long time. And we would like to reach as many people as possible. When we make characters, what we consider important is a friendly look and a sympathetic story.

A place where warmth is constantly.

We have many friends. There are positive friends like Tobi, a little bit timid friends like Winnie, and some friends who look as blunt as Yuta, but also warm-hearted. We hope we can think of the friends who we miss while seeing Tonton Friends. Tonton Friends can be seen when we want to see it, and they don’t ask us for anything, and they are always looking at us from there. Tonton House wants to be a place where my friends can always relax.


Tonton Friends is a cute animal motive characters created by Tonton House. Tonton House was founded in 2017 by Korean artists Maru and Mori. Maru is an author and illustrator. She is co-president and head designer at Tonton House. Mori is an author and entrepreneur. He is co-president and head producer at Tonton House.
(UPDATED) Jini was joined as a sub-artist at Tonton House.

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