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MORI (Business Manager)
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Birthday: March 22nd

Hobbies: Facial mask pack, Lower-body bathing.

Likes: Airplane, Video Game

Instagram: @nari.tontonfriends

Personality: Clumsy, Hate being alone.

Hi!😃 I am Nari because I have the yellow of the Forsythia(Gae-na-ri)💛

Strangely, unexpected things happen to me. Things that are not so good.

But I don’t care because there are more fun things to do.

I love to spend time with my friends and I like to collect small thing!❣️


Say Hi. Nari waiting your message.

※ Nari can hardly reply, but Nari read everything. Thank you!

※ This is not a business inquiry form. This is for ‘TONTON FAMILY’
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